People's Daily News on 6th July.

1st of July 2013, the Exit-Entry Administration Law of the People’s Republic of China came into effect.

3rd of July 2013, Chenyang District, Qingdao. Police found 2 South Korean males had not applied for the Registration Form of Temporary Residence, in fact, it should be done in 24hours.

2 South Korean males (Surname Zheng and Piao) entry China at Liuting airport with 1-month L visa on the 30th of June, but both of them had not registred at local police till the time when them were found in the afternoon of 3rd of July.

Sun Jun, the head of Exit and Entry Administration, says "Foreigners who doesn't register in 24hours after their entry will face fine upto 2000RMB, according to the new law". While the old regulation only 500RMB fine, even a warning.

There are about 5000-6000 South Koreau in Chengyang District of Qingdao, every year, local police finds at least 300 foreigners without the Registration Form of Temporary Residence.